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Siberian Husky Info

Please do research on the Husky to decide if they are the right breed for you & your household.

They are a sledding dog & it is bred into them to run & run & run & ………………..

You cannot turn them loose in your yard & expect them to stay there. 

The Husky is a very social & active dog.  It wants to be an active member of your family & requires lots of exercise.

They ‘blow’ their coat twice a year.  Expect to do lots of brushing during this time.

The Husky is a highly intelligent dog.  They are easily trained & learn things quickly.  Just keep training sessions short & do them frequently.

The Husky does have a strong predatory instinct towards animals that are smaller than they are.  If you have cats, you must introduce the husky to them while still a pup, otherwise there will be trouble in paradise.

Huskies are really good with children.

If you are looking for a guard dog, the Husky is not for you.  They will usually let you know when something or someone is around, but they will not guard you.  They are a very friendly dog, & don’t usually meet a stranger.

The Husky easily adapts to most climates & environments.  Many are kept as housedogs & do really well with that.  Even if you live in the South, as long as your Husky has plenty of shade & fresh water, it will be fine.